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Technologies Enterprise

We are the authorized business associate for M/S. EUREKA INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD., PUNE.We promote their entire range of products in Trichy region and southern Tamil Nadu. We provide the local support for application study, technical discussions, installation & commissioning.

The range of products follows.
  • Orifice plate & assemblie
  • Restriction orifice Plates & Assemblies, Multiple restriction plates
  • Flow nozzles
  • Anubar
  • Venturi
  • Aerofoil
  • Kone DP Type Flow meters(with less upstream /downstream length requirements , main alternatives to Vortex type meters)
  • Electromagnetic flow meters/Transmitters, 4NB to 1600NB, Battery operated with / without GSM, Low cost plastic version,
  • Ultrasonic Flow meters /Transmitters
  • Inline density meter
  • Bubbler System
  • All above instrument with panels
  • And also all types of Rota meters ( Glass Tube, Metal Tube, Metal Tube Rortameters with Transmitters, Bypass Rota meters(Glass Tube/Metal Tube) etc).
  • Polycarbonate tube type Rotameters
  • Sight flow Indicators
  • SWAS
  • Turbine Flow Meters
  • PD Type oval wheel meters
  • Vortex Flow meters


  • Temperature Indicators & controllers (Various models & sizes)
  • Process control instruments (Flow Indicator & Totaliser, scanner, signal isolator, loop powered transmitter, Process Indicators, Jumpo Displays, Fault anounciator ,Load cell Indicator / Controller
  • Programmable Timers - Various ranges / Models
  • Programmable counters - Various models / Ranges
  • Power & Energy meters - Single Phase & 3Phase Ammeter, Volt meter, power meter, energy meter, multifunction meter etc.
  • Display units

  • We are the authorized business associate for AB Power System Solution, Pune. AB Power System Solution has a technical joint venture with world leader company Lifasa International Capacitor, Spain. We offer solutions for reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering for total power quality management.

    Power Capacitors (up to 1000 V)
  • Normal Duty Capacitors
  • Heavy Duty Capacitors
  • Extra heavy duty capacitors
  • Reinforced capacitors
  • Automatic Controlled Capacitors
  • Contactors controlled
  • Thyristors controlled
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Passive Harmonic Filters
  • Detuned Filters
  • Tuned Filters
  • High Pass Filters
  • 3rd Harmonic Filters
  • IGBT based Active Harmonic Filters
  • HV Power
  • Open type high voltage capacitor banks
  • Pole mounted capacitor banks
  • Enclosed type Automatic controlled capacitor banks
  • Static VAR Compensator
  • Custom made equipment (up to 66 kV)
  • Special Purpose Capacitors
  • Lighting capacitors
  • Motor Run capacitors
  • Power Electronic capacitors
  • Energy storage capacitors
  • Reactive Power Controllers
  • Standard controllers
  • Advance controllers
  • Controller for Thyristor switches

  • We are the authorized business associate for M/S. MOTWANE MANUFACTURING COMPANY PVT. LTD. M/S. MOTWANE is India's leading manufacturer of test & measuring instruments, serving the electrical industry almost 50 years. With this waste experience M/S. MOTWANE is recognized as a trusted designer and manufacturer of rugged, reliable, accurate products in the most harsh industrial and outdoor environments.

    M/S. MOTWANE ISKRA Energy management system is also promoted by us. ISKRA is a world leader in providing energy management systems, Network analyzers, power quality analyzers, multifunctional measuring transducers and Network recorders.

    The range of products are..
    Low Voltage Application:
  • Digital Multimeters (various models, AC, AC/DC, AVG, TRMS)
  • Digital Clamp meter (various models, AC, AC/DC, AVG, TRMS)
  • Micro Ohm Meters
  • Motor Ohm Meters
  • Insulation Testers
  • Digital Earth Clamp Testers
  • Leakage Clamp meters
  • High Voltage Application:
  • Automatic Capacitance & Tan Delta Test Kit
  • Transformer Winding Resistance meters
  • Contact Resistance Meter
  • High Voltage Detectors
  • Primary Injection Test Kit
  • Secondary Injection Test Kit
  • Automatic Relay Test Kit
  • Oil BDV Test kit
  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Diagnostic Insulation tester
  • High Voltage Test Set
  • CT/PT Analyzer
  • Turns Ratio Meter

  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Multi-functional measuring transducers
  • Network Analyzer
  • Network Recorder
  • Panel mount multi meter
  • Panel mount energy meter